Taw in the light

December 23, 2011

Andras-Fixler-Taw-in-the-lightI always had taws during my childhood. I kept them in a round, black box. I remember having smaller, bigger, darker and transparent ones.

I have never been attracted by ball games of any sort, so I never actually played with them the “usual” way. I never even thought about that.

However for some reason -and I strongly remember this- I kept taking the taws out of the box, because I liked looking at them. I put them in the ray of light one-by-one and watched the appearing colorful magic.

Who knows where those taws could be these days? But the beauty of them has stayed with me and I guess I am not the only one with such memories.

As the Holiday Season approaches let’s put our own taws into the ray of light -if not in reality than using our childhood memories- and let’s stop for a second in our speedy World to be able to experience the magic of colorful lights filtering through the glass once more!

With these thoughts wishing each of you a happy Holiday Seasons, full of lights and happiness!