Singing therapy

January 20, 2012

I never go crazy about trying to figure out a topic to write about. Usually the topic finds me. (All right, I do have a little notebook where I gather some snippets from time to time.)

This one actually is from the notebook. Yesterday I was trying to put some ideas together that I would share here about singing. By the time it was complete in my head, I was already standing in the doorstep of my singing teacher. She was just saying goodbye to a “first-time” pupil with these words: “…singing provides the greatest feeling of freedom; if someone learns how to do it right can feel like having wings, because singing is the great liberating power, the all expressing music…”

Andras-Fixler-Singing-TherapySo I thought: is that why I had been breaking my head? This is it; this is what I wanted to share about singing. I no longer have to think about it. I can only add that naturally I love singing and my singing lessons are like therapy for me. I do relax, have my mind switched off and at the end I leave with that pleasant tiredness what we feel after doing some sports that we like and that is not too exhausting. It definitely frees my spirits!

Don’t take me wrong: I am not intended to convince anybody to start taking singing lessons…

Rather –and let me finally add my own original thoughts in this matter– everybody has his/her “singing”. The activity that is worth a therapy. Everybody needs something like this and I believe at least once a week we all deserve it. So let’s not save time from doing it, because there is a “return on the investment”: this short time is so beneficial that it easily compensates the daily stress of our spanned lives.