Sampling: “You are not a parodist!”

November 04, 2013

Another landmark of the 1980’s and especially Hi-NRG music is the so called sampling. It was sort of a filling, a boosting effect that was used in the hits or in the remixes, extended versions.

Basically a sentence or rather just a word was taken from the lyrics of the particular song and in a strange repeating, many cases pitched from the voice of the artist (or both) was put into the intro, the instrumental bridge – anywhere in the song. It was funny and was making the hits more attractive, I could say it was supposed to even elevate the “high energy”.

Actually there were session singers, rappers who were from time to time invited to studios to record different vocal or verbal snippets that later could be used to add to songs to make the sounding special or unique. So these were not always recorded in accordance with a particular song and that is why sometimes the same sampling snippet appears in more than one song.

Nowadays there are much faster, easier and mostly different ways of making the “sampling” sound or effect. So even though we have left out any imitation of sampling from all of my previous recordings, now when working on one of my new (hopefully soon to be released) song we decided to remake even the sampling that can be heard in the original song. When it was first done with my voice being pitched down and repeated as per the original it sounded like – well: barking. We were laughing and I was not sure what to do. Then I showed it to someone in my family and my singing coach and they all said: “Take that out – you are not a parodist!” So we fixed it and I don’t bark anymore in the recording.