Remember the old days?

February 04, 2013

“Why don’t you have your own songs?” “Why don’t you get someone to compose music for you?” “Why did you choose Hi-NRG?” “What is the point of covering / remaking hits of other artists?”

These and many others… Questions that I am getting about the music I am doing. Yes, it’s also true: I cannot call it my music, because these songs aren’t originally mine. It’s the music of an era. Even if I had the luck to be a part of the booming Hi-NRG success, I would have been too young to be a performer. But it is still good music with good grooves and melodies. It is indeed difficult to create new nowadays. Trends are coming and going — new music with new sounding is created, but some hits and many of the basic music components of the “old days” stay. Getting all the above questions from time to time I answer with a theoretical question back: “Why to create new music when the “old hits” are still liked?”

Andras-Fixler-Remember-the-old-daysAlmost 20 years are gone ever since these hits were born, so in any event: it is time to bring them back. Those who were fans of this music in the 80s – 90s surely like to have a retro-flash brining back those memories. Talking about the younger generation: these hits are old enough to sound new to them… I have always been a fan of this kind of music and I am so happy to be able to record and perform them, still and always giving me the complete music-euphoria. So remember the old days with me — more hits are on the way…