Music and tears

December 07, 2011

Years before, during high-school I was working in a concert of operas and classical music. Don’t get scared please: right there and then I was not involved in music. This was a concert in memory of someone and I was helping out with the arrangements at the venue.

Despite being at music faculty at elementary school, all parental pursuit –no matter what people say about me after reading this– up till now classical music has not affected me too much; it is just too “classical” for me. (Maybe that is why it’s called like that?) Yes, at a quite young age I got engaged with and inspired by “light pop” music (or bubblegum) and the inspiration has never left me…

Going back to the previously mentioned concert or rather to the end of the event: there was an elderly lady, a friend of my family lining up for her coat by the cloak room and it was obvious: she cried a lot. We all asked her worried: what happened? The answer was very simple: nothing. It was only the fact that music affects her like that, it takes her on such journey while listening that she cries… Not because of sadness.

The memory of this had been with me and I was actually really surprised when years later sitting already in my own car and listening to one of my great favorites my tears started falling down. Needles to say: it wasn’t an aria from an opera, not a symphony, but bubblegum…

Ever since then, especially since music has become a part of my life by singing and dancing it happens to me from time to time: I drop a few tears in the momentary passion of music which I am not ashamed of even as a man.

Music is the greatest World-language and I think the greatest power on earth, could say healing. Even tough we are all different including our taste of music it brings the same feelings to us regardless of genre, gender, age… And in the momentary passion of music we should not be ashamed of our tears falling down, because those are the tears of happiness and of the momentary free spirit.