Looking for pearls

February 19, 2013

Andras-Fixler-Looking-For-PearlsSome people may say: „This guy has such an easy task releasing music. All he has to do is to chose from already World-famous hits and simply remake them…” Yes, this partially again is the issue of not having my own music. But I must admit it isn’t so easy still. There are just so many of these hits and it isn’t so simple to make the right selection.

From one hand I also need to take steps forward with the music and my image, but from the other hand I’d still like to stick to the genre I chose and what I mostly like: to “live” in Hi-NRG. And there are many other factors too… For example the lyrics, whether or not it requires change of genders. The actual style (within Hi-NRG) so that the songs don’t all sound the same. Whether or not the chosen song suites me as an individual and the characteristics of my voice — there are hits that I’d like to do, but simply do not fit my personality.

So I am constantly looking for music. It is like doing a research, sort of digging the archives. Ordering old or reissued CDs, surfing on YouTube within the music era we call “retro” these days, testing or rather „tasting” songs.

And I am putting long, endless lists together, adding songs and taking some off.

It is a very long process, requires a lot of time and energy, just the same as when people look for real pearls of the nature. But very exciting and enjoyable.

Stay tuned to see what my new pearls will be!