From Hi-NRG to techno

October 30, 2013

The disco music has always been more and more influenced with the development of the electronic instruments. Ever since the born of the first electronic organs, later called synthesizers, the pop music industry has been implementing them the most. The tendency can be heard if we listen to music of the disco genre from the 1960’s to even today. Less and less acoustic and more and more synthetic. There was even a sub genre names „synthpop” reflecting to basically disco music made ONLY using synthetic instruments.

In the classic Hi-NRG music of the 1980’s there is a mix of acoustic and synthetic instruments. For example the guitars were recorded using the different guitars, but strings, piano and the typical synth sounds were all recorded using the high-tech synthesizers of the age. This was of course also boosted with the era-typical sampling of different sounds.

The synthetic music of the 1980’s was just a percent nest for techno to born, where not a single acoustic instrument could be heard and with the development and integration of computers into the music industry the electronic / synthetic sounding actually became a landmark of the upbeat and quite monotonic techno.

Andras Fixler - From Hi-NRGA good example is a song by Kylie Minogue from her last album (Let’s Get To It) produced by Mike Stock and Pete Waterman called “I Guess I Like It Like That”. The tracks had a renewed, more mature sounding, way different from her previous albums produced by SAW (and not so successful after all), but this track was really an unusual one for Kylie – and almost at the same time the same musical theme appeared in one of the tracks (Get Ready) on the first album of a new techno influenced duo called “2 Unlimited”.