From Donna Summer To Donna Summer

October 23, 2013

It is interesting to look at how things in life cycle. It isn’t any different in the life of Pop Music.

Back in 1977 Donna Summer the already World famous pop diva was interviewed about her song “I feel love” and she said it became a hit, because it had a “high-energy vibe”.

With this a new genre of music, a sub of disco was created, which later -as it was developing with the passing time and trends- was changed into an abbreviated format “Hi-NRG”.

Throughout the decades even Hi-NRG was split in to its own sub genres. It is exciting to see the charts of such music from the past which hits were mentioned on these – from Kim Wild to Pet Shop Boys. Strange or not even techno was considered Hi-NRG in the first years, before it was a given a different name “house”.

The most well-known chart publishers of the pop industry were even preparing a weekly chart dedicated to Hi-NRG hits.

From the middle of the 1980’s the British trio of Stock – Aitken – Waterman (whose hits also attracted me the most, so therefore one can understand why many of the remakes of these can be found on my albums) were known to be “the producers of Hi-NRG music” , at least in Europe.

Andras Fixler - From Donna SummerIn 1989 Donna Summer released an album Another Place and Time written, arranged and produced by Stock – Aitken – Waterman with many hits, most known for the very typical sounding and tempo “This Time I Know It’s For Real”.

So the diva giving us a genre to love (or hate…) ended up working with one of the most known Hi-NRG producers more than a decade after she said something that never thought would be a long lasting definition of a still existing (and of course always changing) genre. As of today it is not only her voice and hits that are still here with us, while she is gone (2012), but an expression is left behind that will always stand for a feeling that Hi-NRG has to offer us.