Bubblegum on the stage

February 29, 2012

Once more (and maybe the last time) about the reason why I chose to represent the type of music often called “bubblegum”…

People being fans of it probably know the answer, so for them by publishing this post I can only provide some more background information about myself. Those -not being fond of this genre- I will not be able to convince and I am not even intended to.

I am well aware: this is light “joy music”. The lyrics might be simple sometimes and it comes along with the essential tinkling sound, easy tunes all accompanied by the upbeat tempo.

Still, based on my experience when hearing these typical melodies many people start smiling and the spirits are set free.

This is exactly how I feel on the stage too. Smiling inside and outside… So if my audience can feel just a bit of my happiness and power mediated through the “bubblegum” music then it is worthwhile doing. Joy is important in our lives, as this is the only way to move on the next day!