Art Workshop

February 17, 2012

Andras-Fixler-Art-WorkshopHuman relations are best reflected during working together. It is relevant for all types of work, because usually all well done work has fruits, success achieved together.

It isn’t different in case of making an album, even if in my case there is no need to cooperate with composers and songwriters. (Many people ask me if I’ll ever have my own music, delivered exclusively for me… Well, this is the “music of the future”, about this maybe later in more details…)

So even without composers and songwriters there are still many things to prepare, although in some cases we work separately, two by two, sometimes alone, but all these projects must be a part of the entire process. This isn’t easy to coordinate.

Actually we all know each other; the whims and the personality of the other, nobody is easy to deal with, still it is good to work together; we just have to be patient, read in each other’s book.

While there are honorable exceptions, we may all get hysterical occasionally. (Let me admit here that on a usual basis I am more hysterical, but in the studio, during rehearsals and continues reconciliation I am rather calm and more silent. However… I also have “those things” when for example in front of the microphone in the studio I say: my headphones are terribly tight, pushing my bones, I don’t resonate the right way and unfortunately I cannot sing today…

And time is our enemy, always and everywhere.

So even in a workshop, just like in a family we have to pay attention to the others, we have to know how to respect and compromise — after the artwork is finished the bad memories fade anyway and looking back we only see the bright side of the work done together.

It is important for me too to keep these in mind, especially now when slowly-slowly we’ll begin to work on my next album…