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Andras-Fixler-About-MusicMy Archives of Hi-NRG

I have been reading the book of „Mixmaster” Phil Harding, telling the story of the PWL Hitfactory and and his story there of about an… ‹read more›

Andras-Fixler-About-MusicTV Music Competitions and The Hitfactory

There are many articles today criticizing the top popular TV music competitions (X-Factor, The Voice etc.), saying that these shows are… ‹read more›

Andras-Fixler-About-MusicThe Age of Drum Machines

One of the most essential pillars of the recording studios for pop music in the 1980’s, especially where Hi-NRG music was… ‹read more›

Andras-Fixler-About-MusicA Factory that Never Stopped Working

The new born (or already World famous) stars were giving the handle of the studio door to each other, it was well known that… ‹read more›

Andras-Fixler-About-MusicSampling: “You are not a parodist!”

Another landmark of the 1980’s and especially Hi-NRG music is the so called sampling. It was sort of a filling, a boosting effect that… ‹read more›

Andras-Fixler-About-MusicFrom Hi-NRG to Techno

The disco music has always been more and more influenced with the development of the electronic instruments. Ever since the born of the… ‹read more›

Andras-Fixler-About-MusicFrom Donna Summer to Donna Summer

It is interesting to look at how things in life cycle. It isn’t any different in the life of Pop Music. Back in 1977 Donna Summer the… ‹read more›

Andras-Fixler-About-MusicLooking for Pearls

Some people may say: „This guy has such an easy task releasing music. All he has to do is to chose from already World-famous hits and… ‹read more›