Andras’ stories – about life

Andras-Fixler-About-LifeThe “Retro Feeling”

Retro (derives from the Latin prefix retro, meaning “backwards, or in past times) style has been popular for the past 3-5 years… ‹read more›

Andras-Fixler-About-LifeRemember the Old Days?

“Why don’t you have your own songs?” “Why don’t you get someone to compose music for you?” “Why did you choose Hi-NRG?”… ‹read more›


Sometimes I would not mind having a “mindswitch”. What is a mindswitch? A button that can turn the mind off. Yes, it may sound… ‹read more›

Andras-Fixler-About-LifeBubblegum on the Stage

Once more (and maybe the last time) about the reason why I chose to represent the type of music often called “bubblegum”… ‹read more›

Andras-Fixler-About-LifeArt Workshop

Human relations are best reflected during working together. It is relevant for all types of work, because usually all well done work… ‹read more›

Andras-Fixler-About-LifeSinging Therapy

I never go crazy about trying to figure out a topic to write about. Usually the topic finds me. (All right, I do have a little notebook… ‹read more›

Andras-Fixler-About-LifeTaw in the Light

I always had taws during my childhood. I kept them in a round, black box. I remember having smaller, bigger, darker and transparent ones… ‹read more›

Andras-Fixler-About-LifeMusic and Tears

Years before, during high-school I was working in a concert of operas and classical music. Don’t get scared please… ‹read more›

Andras-Fixler-About-LifeFragile Bubble

Sometimes I feel like hovering in a bubble. I prefer order, security and stillness around me. Obviously most of us… ‹read more›